When thinking about flooring ideas for your homes, this article is for you. There are many types of floors that one can choose from depending on the cost and their preferences. The following are the best floor types for homes and which room they are best suited for.

Best floor types

Hardwood floors


This type of floor may be a bit costly, but it all depends on the kind of hardwood you choose from. This type of floor looks good hence adds aesthetic value to one’s property. More to that one can clean it easily hence easy to maintain with low maintenance costs. This type of floor is best suited for the living room. To minimize the noise it produces when one walks on it, a rug can be used as well.

Tiled floors

Various materials can be used to make tiles like the granite, marble, and slate. The ceramic tiles tend to last longer than the other types of tiles. Tiles are good since they are water resistant. They are also easy to clean, and stains can be removed easily unlike other floor materials which stains are a big deal. The glazed ceramic tiles are known to be scratch resistant.

The fact that tiles are water resistant makes them a perfect choice for the bathroom and kitchen. The dining area may also benefit from drinks and food may spill in such areas.

Laminate flooring

This is a type of floor that looks like wood or tiles though it is not any of the two. It is known to be scratch resistant. Even if it scratches, it can be easily restored by rubbing a little oil on the scratch. Besides that, it can also be cleaned easily. It’s the best floor if one has pets since they cannot damage it by scratching it.

The best place to put is where there is high traffic or has many activities taking place. This is mainly because of its durability. It should not be put in areas such as the kitchen, laundry area or bathroom since it is damaged by water.

Carpet flooring

Carpets are soft and add warmth and color to a home. Carpets also prevent echoes in the home. One should be careful in case they have allergies to the woolen material or any other materials used to make the carpets. There are technological advancements in making the carpets stain resistant. They require special care, especially when treating stains.

They are best suited for the bedroom where there is minimal traffic. This helps in reducing the dirt or dust that may be trapped in the carpet.

Vinyl flooring

msaldvnlkasnlknsalkdnvlsakndvlasdvsdThis is like the carpet flooring. It is made to look like wood or tiles. Though less expensive than the other types of flooring, vinyl flooring requires extra maintenance measures since it tends to dent or tear easily. It is also not easy to clean it.

It can be used in the laundry room since it reduces the amount of noise coming from this area. It can also be used in the kitchen due to the warmth it adds.