Dear Friends of KCRN,

October 3rd, during the last hour of Share 2003 we introduced a special urgent project for KCRN we chose to call the Bricks & Sticks Project: the emergency repair of our FM antenna and expanding our studio space.

As I’m writing this note to you, we have now heard from 105 faith partners allowing us to meet our $30,000 need for the Bricks & Sticks Project. To God be the glory! Thank you for doing your part!

Pray for us as we work over the next several weeks to undertake this critical repair and rebuild of our FM antenna. The space expansion will also begin soon. God bless you!

Warmly in Christ,

Mark A. Mohr
Station Manager

Thank You!!! We are fully funded.
The work is currently being schedueled

KCRN ‘Bricks & Sticks’ Project

Part 1

Unexpected and out-of-budget FM antenna repair: $16,500
Dialectric Engineer/Parts/Rebuild
(1) High-power bay for temporary broadcast
Tower crew—rigging; wench; labor
Beacon repair on tower
*20 year-old 8 bay antenna
*possible signal impairment
*electrical parts wearing out; gaskets shot
*engineer from factory; tower crew; complete rebuild
*some time off air; project a week of intermittent interruptions

Part 2

Add 1,000 sq. ft. office/studio space down the hall: $13,500
*970 sq. ft. + closet now
*move administrative people to Suite 504
*expand studio space into current ADM area in Suite 500
*renovate Suite 504 doors, kitchen, general workspace
*renovate Suite 500 as follows:
Furniture (studio desk, reception couch, interview table)
Scott voice-trak broadcast computer
Production console—professional mixer
Shipping & parts

GRAND TOTAL for Parts 1 & 2 $30,000