Once you are done with the construction of your new house, your attention is most likely going to be turned into your yard. Landscaping is not only important to your yard, but also to the whole compound. However, there are some instances where the construction of the house has overstretched your budget, and you don’t have the ability to landscape your compound. Equally one may decide to complete their landscape on a shoestring budget, but this is usually not a good idea.

However, the best thing you can do since you know that landscaping your compound is equally important, you should factor in when you are making your budget what you will be using in landscaping from the start. In this article, we are going to look at the reasons why landscaping your compound is a vital component of the home building process, and we will also look at why compound landscaping can ensure that your home is looking as it is supposed to.

Benefits of landscaping

Gives one a feel good feeling


No one will dispute the fact that a well-landscaped compound or yard that is surrounding a new home is a beautiful sight to look at. The good looking compound will not only allow you feel at home, but it will attract and generate compliments from both family, relatives, and friends. Even though this is not the only benefit that a properly


landscaped compound can provide, some other benefits are:

Increases value of home

The other advantage of maintaining a well-landscaped compound is that it increases the estimated value of your home by close to ten or twelve percent. The value of your home greatly appreciates following professional landscaping. Additionally, should you ever decide to put your home up for sale, a poorly landscaped compound or that which is not landscaped at all will significantly reduce the selling price of your property as opposed to a well-landscaped compound which will make your compound appealing hence fetching more money?

Ensures proper drainage

Another important aspect of landscaping your compound is that it will ensure that water does not form a lake in your basement or backyard due to poor drainage. When you landscape it properly, you ensure that the flow of water is properly directed so that you don’t encounter such problems in future. Additionally, a well-planned landscaping is important as it provides trees that can give shade, it can include shrubs that can serve as directors of a cooling breeze and it can also serve as an open area where snow can accumulate during the winter season.

Facilitates easier navigation

When your compound is properly landscaped, one can easily navigate through the compounds yard. When you have walkways and paths in your compound, it greatly helps you keep away mud and water being taken into the house. Furthermore, a properly landscaped compound allows you to install a patio outside your house hence creating a serene outdoor living space. This will create an environment where you can have a quiet family barbecue, or you can even host larger friends gathering.