Every person in the market looking to rent a real estate property expects to find a property that meets his or her needs and preferences. How then can one ensure that a rental real estate property will offer value for money? These are some factors to consider when renting a real estate property:

Lease Or Tenancy Agreement

The lease or rental agreement is what will spell out the terms of engagement. Ensure that the agreement is not drafted in such a way that the property owner has undue advantage over the tenant. If necessary, obtain the services of a legal expert to interpret the terms of agreement and call for an adjustment if they seem unfair to you.

Condition Of The Property

It is frustrating to rent a property that requires several repairs for it to match the expectations of the tenant. Thus, when planning to rent one, ensure that the property is in good condition. Also, a real estate property in poor condition is also a risk to the well-being of the tenant and as such is not worth spending money on.


This exercise should not be done in a hurry because sometimes property owners can be crafty and carry out repairs to attract tenants without necessarily addressing the core weaknesses of the building. If possible, seek the services of licensed real estate brokers such as century 21 | Costa Rica Real Estate Brokers to help you evaluate the condition of the real estate property.

Social Amenities

Unless you plan to live in isolation and cut off from the rest of the world, social amenities are an essential requirement when looking to rent a real estate property. Such amenities include schools, hospitals, and supply of clean drinking water. These would ensure that you are comfortable at your place of residence. It is, therefore, crucial that before a decision to rent a real estate property is arrived at, social amenities are confirmed to be available.

Income Stream

ASDASDASDPaying rent on a real estate property can take a toll on the finances of an individual. It is thus important that when considering a real estate property to rent, you also pay attention to your income stream. Can your income sustain the payments over the course of the tenancy agreement? Will it put a strain on your finances? What this essentially means is that one should go for a rental property whose rent he or she can afford to pay during the tenancy period.


The location is another important consideration to make when renting a real estate property. For instance, is the property located near your place of work or business? Is the real estate property located in a safe neighborhood? Is there an efficient transport system to the place? Answering all of these questions will help you rent a property that is situated in an area that meets your needs and preferences.

These are some of the factors to consider when renting a real estate property. They will ensure that you find a property that matches your needs and expectations.